6 copy writing strategies

6 Copy Writing Strategies for Your Website’s Pages

Copywriting is one of the most essential things that your website must have. One simple difference between content and copywriting is that we do copywriting to persuade people. On the other hand content is for informing and entertaining people. Tech Cave has 6 amazing techniques in copywriting to make your copy sell big.

Telling a Story and Branding with Words

When you are selling something with writing copy, you need to tell a story that could allow people to relate to theirs. You can also tell about how, when and why you thought of starting a business and working on the brand you are promoting and selling now.

The second thing that your copy should do is giving the readers what they need to know about your product of services. One big question that every customer and client has in their mind.

“How your product or service solves their problem.”

Once they are convinced about that, your brand is in the right direction.

Facts and figures with Catchy Lines

When you are writing a copy, you must try giving some amazing pieces of facts and figures. One thing that you can add with this technique is the use of questions. You can also start with a plain question about what people must know through you copy. For instance, if the people are looking for something that can help them grow as a company, you may start with “Looing get your company to top the charts with the best sales methods?”. You can add second line that gives the solution or answer to the question you have asked. You might write “Tech cave has the solution.”

When you write catchy stuff, you have more chance of staying stuck to the readers mind better than a simple line. So try to device some extraordinary lines that can suit almost all kinds of content. You should have at least 100 variations that you can use for all kinds of copy. Make them sound professional, convincing, persuasive and beyond expectation for the readers. These lines should go in accordance to your brand. Make sure that it suits the tone of the page and product’s category.


Adding humor and puns is a great idea. Puns are a great way to create humor with simple catchy lines that stay with buyers.

Ending with a CTA

When you are selling something, your sales pitch should have an ending with a CTA or call to action. You should try giving some information that people would love to buy for or be happy about your product for. Some top examples of these are offers that you give. Such offers can be:

Buy now and get 30 percent discount.

Limited time offer, get it before it ends.

Get your copy now and read all you always wanted to.

The complete version of your favorite accounting software for a limited time.


These and many others would bring a feeling of urgency. And when people have a feeling of urgency, there are better chances of them clicking on the buy now button. The end part of CTA or the “Buy, subscribe or Order” button is important as well. The stamen that contains these words may also have some a Pun or humor to make your buyer smile and have a positive response that can give extra sales you would love to have.

The Right Word Choice and Rhyming

Text content is all about words and the more magic you play with your words, the better response you get. So, you should have some words that sell well. Power words are the best word choice you can get for all kinds of copywriting. So, have an arsenal of these heavy, successful words that help you convert your visitors. Some top power and convincing words that work are

“New, free, instant access, for you, now, sensational, outstanding, revolutionary, top-notch, and state-of-the-art”

Reviews and Exclusive Content

The experts say when you add reviews and testimonials to your copy, you add an emotional reason to buy and convert. Testimonials help at every level of the sales funnel, from leads to conversions, they work everywhere. So, never underestimate the power of convincing reviews of your previous buyers.


The second most important thing you can get to work for you is providing exclusive content. This one works for info products and blogs of your product. You can try having some understanding through some comments on your page. And once there are comments, you can have idea of what you can do with the attitude towards your product. This allow to drive more words and phrases into your copy to improve your reach, sales process, convincing power and conversions.

Playing with Minds and Psychology

It is proven fact that 95 percent people by stuff due to emotional reasons. This one is from Harvard and there are proofs from other researches that talk about psychology behind buying. Some top emotional reasons that make people but stuff are:

  • People buy according to their previous experience and feelings about the brand.
  • Customers emotional response to the ad is one of the keys that work.
  • The likability factor is important as well. This one works on kids like a magnet.
  • Positive emotions towards the brand helps people make decisions when they buy in the favor of the sellers.

These emotions can help you increase your conversion with results that matter for your website.

Final Thoughts

Story telling is the most successful technique that works for a wide, extensive range of copies. You must try giving some questions that you answer and some outstanding power and emotional words that work. Ensure giving some worthy catchy lines with rhyming. Rhyming is a whole new topic for a different blog that can really change the course of emotional response towards your copy and ad. Try to know the psychology of the buyers and play according to what they need. And one last thing that you should deliver is value for what people need from your product and how only your product is the best they need immediately. Never forget to put some urgency that works all the times.

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