6 Facts About Web 3.0 in the Future

3.0 is the new version of the internet that promises to change people’s whole experience of 2.0. So, Teck Cave is keen to bring some facts to help the digital world revolutionize the user experience. We bring 6 outstanding facts about how this revolution will change the fate of the online world and more.

What is the Difference Between Web 2.0 and 3.0

There are a lot of differences that are going to take the world into a new era. When we talk about web 2.0, it was a means of information in the form of podcasts, social networking, blogs, websites, and other two dimensional means that existed inside the screen.

In web 3.0, the world will turn 3-D with more immersive experiences that change user experience with better results. People will be able to connect with things, and IOT or the internet of things will come into routine life. In this new version of the internet, the data will be shared without one centralized resource.

A big difference is going to be people able to access their all internet accounts through one single access point. This also paves the way for users to be the owners of their content and no more monopoly of some big organizations over the internet. The users could create content but did not have any method to own it completely and this is going to change. The world is going to see a version where common users will own the content and sell it as they like.

What is the role of Blockchain in 3.0?

Blockchain is one of the most advanced technologies that is going to change the online and economic world forever. And to be precise, the online world has this technology as the basis of 3.0. The Blockchain is an important point that allows better access to the internet on 3.0 in a decentralized manner. In easy words, the transactions will be on the basis of blockchain technology. Users can monetize their content through Blockchain in this world. This means they can collectively own the content and digital products and sell it as they like.

Disparities and Similarities Between web 3.0 and Metaverse

The experts define the disparities and differences in different aspects. They say that the internet connection will remain the similar technology, while people will have digital devices to connect like before. There will be still human users. Metaverse is a world that has an online space that allows you to interact in social paradigms. It is a world that Meta will develop based on VR and AR technologies.

How You Can Make Money with Web 3.0

In web 3.0, people will sell directly to the people. For instance, if you have a product that is an NFT like a song, you can monetize it without the help of people who ran the internet in the web 2.0. This will allow better monetization opportunities for talented people who earlier relied on platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and Sound Cloud. YouTube and other platforms will allow better monetization opportunities for people who can run their NFTs on their 3.0 platforms.

In 2022, if YouTube offers around 45 percent of the added revenue they get, they will allow much higher incentives for people who own a worthy and valuable NFT on the 3.0.

The technology will be advanced enough to let you feel the experience you wish to have with Metaverse and any other similar platforms, which means people will be able to experience the never experienced world where they can also earn with their products with blockchain technology and decentralized ways.

There are other benefits too. Users will be able to have freedom of speech, and their content will not be delete able as some organizations could. YouTube channels, Google websites, and Facebook pages and accounts can be deleted, but that concept will not exist for people who have their own NFTs over web 3.0.

How Far Can Web 3.0 Go

There are predictions about how much 3.0 can change the world. The experts believe that people will be able to manage through chips or even with lenses in the eyes. Experts believe that such chips can help you with installation in the brain where you can explore the worlds like Metaverse.

One more thing that people are already talking about is the ability to feel your environment. Users will be able to interact with the places they visit and even feel the pressure and other characteristics of a place, environment, meeting, games, and all other programs.

VR and AR are going to get to the edge of creating a new parallel universe where people will be able to live, interact, buy and own things they create and experience and these things remain forever.

What is IPFS

IPFS or Interplanetary File System will be a protocol or language that will allow communication of systems that work on DHT or distributed hash tables. This whole system will work without any central coordination with reliable and scalable functions. It is a whole system that will allow the content creators to access a platform they create. And this system will allow them to have unique access that cannot be hacked.

Results will enable content creators to have. The data will not rely on the internet protocols, and anything saved there will be available permanently to be accessed from anywhere people are authorized.

Final Thoughts

The world is going to be more than digital; it is going to have a complete version of blockchain-based technology. Such technologies will allow improved monetization opportunities for content creators. The world will have an internet that can interact through IoT, and NFTs will be working in a real-like world where people can monetize according to their talent. This new internet will be faster, securer, more reliable, and have more privacy for users. So, get ready to have this new world take over the internet and see the new opportunities it can bring for you.


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