6 Things That your Website’s Text Content Must Have

We have all heard “content is king.” This Bill Gates quotation pays off for all. But what should a piece of text content have? Teck Cave has 6 outstanding tips to make your content do what you want it to do.

Readability and Tools for You

Readability is a significant part of making things pivot your way. And when it is about content, you need to have some techniques and tools that work. Some top readability tools for text content are

  1. Grammarly is the best grammar tool you can find in the market. You should be a fan of it if you look for content that does not have any spelling, grammar, or readability problems; it is simple.
  2. Another super-famous out and out readability tool is Hemingway’s app.com. You give them to text, and they give you the score they think your content has. The lower the score, the better readability your content has.
  3. Heading analyzer by co-schedule is a good tool that helps you by measuring how your heading can be good. This tool helps by giving scores in different graphical metrics that tell which types of words are good and which type should be added. Moreover, it gives an SEO score that can help you understand how you can improve your overall score.

These points can help you pivot the right way.

Research and Expertise

When you are writing for your website’s blog, you do not have every fact you write expertise. So, research is a must-have for content to go the extra mile. So, ensure that your content has proper research that gives the readers a feel of the following:

  • The writer has done enough research and has chosen only the best facts that would add value to their lives.
  • It should give an idea to the reader that the topic of the blog or article was too unique to have come from 4 or fewer research sources. The facts should be chosen from at least 6 different articles and research sources.
  • When you have extensive research, you would add a lot of information to satisfy your site’s visitors. BUT, do not forget to give details of valuable points that you inform your reader.
  • Make people feel that it is an out and out research work that has a complete balance of all the related things. Nothing should be left out to give the information people would expect from an exceptional piece of content.

When we talk about expertise, it is a next-level thing that not everyone can have. It is another thing that you can get overtime. And what we believe is

“Hard work beats talent.”

If you work hard enough on research, you can beat the person with substantial expertise in covering the topic.

Remember one thing:

“People can beat you, but they cannot beat the entire Search engine’s information.”

So, try to filter out the most relevant, reliable, authentic, valuable, and unique information. For instance, if you have to write on e-com, you have a million unique ideas with a tool like Tweek your bizz’s title generator, but your brain is the best tool for this one. Perfection comes with practice, and when you write on tools for an e-com site, you need to write detailed content by searching on each and every tool. You should also try giving features of every tool briefly. You can try giving pros and cons. There are a million ways you can write unique content ideas when you do research. But remember, expertise can be beaten with proper and thorough research.

 QWISH Formula

This one is for the tone of the content. QWISH stands for Q for questions, W for wit, I for interest, S for synonyms and H for humor. You can add almost all of them to almost all types of content.

Engagement and Value

The same QWISH formula works in this department as well. But, you need to know if they can help people stick to the screen and not leave until they have completely read it? Well, you need to have the expertise for that. And the best expertise for that is giving only what people would get value from. You can divide this one into two parts: uniqueness and usability. When your content is unique to the core, it is not just unique; it is exclusive that no one else has over the internet. The biggest method you can find for that is:

  • Going in the field or interviewing people who know the field. You should know your questions and have information from as many sources as you can.

Plug-ins that Websites Should Add

All websites need tools and plug-ins to improve their performance. Rank math and YOAST are two plug-ins that can help your content have the SEO edge that all types of content need. YOAST plug-in has an evaluation method of making the writers give an SEO focus keyword. It does not consider anything valid enough to be given for a website until there are at least 300 words, meta descriptions, an SEO title and internal linking. Moreover, it would give a good score to content that has subheadings and at least 30 percent transition words. These criteria are accepted as the gold standard by SEO experts worldwide. Rank math, too, asks for a focus keyword, pillar content, and secondary keyword.

Final Thoughts

When you are writing content, the most important and essential thing is delivering value. So, make your content do the job according to the needs of the people. One more thing you should do is do as much research as you can, and then give the best solutions for the readers’ problems. You should also try applying the QWISH formula that can help you write in a special way. The most important part of QWISH is “I” or interest. Within the niche, you should be able to write something that intrigues you. And when you have that interest and heart in writing, your content is bound to be extra-special.


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